Refior Law Office is a casual attire
law office.

Perhaps you have heard it said, “It would be silly to choose your attorney based upon which lawyer is willing to pay for a billboard or television advertising.” Also there are attorneys and law firms that hold the position that because attorneys are professionals it is required that attorneys wear a coat and tie to show professionalism. I disagree. One does not buy professionalism at a clothing store.

I put the fact that Refior Law Office is a casual attire law office on my website for a very simple reason. If a client believes that the quality of a lawyer is determined by how formal the lawyer dresses, then that client should go to a different law firm where the lawyers wear formal attire. Donald Trump recently said that people “should dress for success.” I have a different perspective. A lawyer is successful not based upon the cost of his/her suit, but based upon his/her excellence as a person and as a lawyer. There is an unlimited supply of attorneys, so a person will find a lawyer. Most businesses have already changed their dress requirements and expectations. Casual attire is commonplace within business and industry. I made the decision that my staff and I at Refior Law Office would wear clean, neat and comfortable clothes without any requirement to wear formal attire except when appearing in court.

If you choose to retain Refior Law Office you can expect to receive professional, courteous, and respectful interaction and communications from me and my staff. The excellence of our legal services and the responsiveness of this law firm to your legal needs have no connection to the dress or attire of the attorney and staff of Refior Law Office. Therefore, you will see my staff wearing casual slacks, blue jeans or other casual attire. I will also be casually dressed. I will not be wearing a dress shirt or a tie. In fact, depending on the weather, I may be wearing blue jeans or even shorts along with a casual shirt.

We invite our clients to also come to our office also wearing casual attire. We intend to provide excellent, professional and timely legal services and representation.

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